BCB330Y1- Special Project in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

What is it?
BCB330 is an opportunity for specialized individual research in bioinformatics and computational biology by arrangement with the course coordinator and a supervisor. This opportunity for students to actively participate in the research process – in the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge – may be continued with BCB430 (Advanced Special Project). Students frame the questions that will guide their research, design and conduct the research to find answers, and communicate the results of their work, drawing on skills and experience that they have previously acquired. Significant background in both life science and computer science courses is required. The final decision whether a BCB330 project proposal fulfills the academic objectives is up to the BCB Program Director. The original research project requires the prior consent of a faculty member to supervise the project. The topic is to be one mutually agreed upon by the student and supervisor and accepted by the program director. The expectation is that the student, aided and advised by the supervisor, will read the literature, and plan, execute, analyse, and report on experimental or descriptive investigations on an appropriate topic. A literature review alone is not sufficient.

Click here to see where former and current students have done their research.

Who is it for?
This course is only open to Third-Year Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Undergraduate Specialist Program students with adequate background.

What is the time commitment?
Faculty members estimate that students spend 10-12 hours per week on their independent research project. Some students spend more time as they become immersed in their project.

When is offered?
BCB330Y projects are taken during the normal academic year. BCB330Y projects may also be carried out in the summer semester, with the aggregate time spent on the project equivalent to that for projects running during the academic year.

How to enrol?
The BCB330Y Registration Form must be submitted to the course administrator by the deadline (see form). This is a signed agreement (note: the deadline to register for an academic session may be earlier than this deadline). Once received and approved by the program director, the course administrator will enrol the student in the course on ACORN. (Students cannot enrol themselves on ACORN in BCB330Y1.) Prior to beginning the project, the student and supervisor agree upon the time when the lab work is performed, place, and the provision of any materials. Once the details are agreed upon, the registration form must be completed.

Important dates and Course Requirements
Contact potential supervisor – do this well in advance of the start of the academic session (like in February-March for the September session). A list of potential supervisors is available above. This list is not exhaustive. Consider contacting a potential supervisor in person. Click here for tips on finding a supervisor. BCB330Y Registration Form due to the course administrator no later than the last weekday to add a course. Proposal (6-8 pages) handed in to your supervisor one month after the last date to add a course. Meet with supervisor no later than the last date to drop a course to discuss the progress to date and assess the expectations for successful completion. Presentation may take place during the Study Week (or an equivalent week in summer session). Written report due by the last day of classes. Supervisor submits grade and written critique to the course coordinator no later than 10 days after the last day of classes. Refer to the How are students evaluated page for more information about the course requirements.