Please refer to Programs administered by the Department of Cell and Systems Biology for POSt details, with links to courses.

Specialist program:(12.5 full courses or their equivalent)

First or second year:
Foundational courses (5 Credits total)

(MAT135H1, MAT136H1)/MAT137Y1/MAT157Y1 (Mathematics)
(CSC108H1, CSC148H1)/ CSC110Y1 (Programming & Computer Science)
(CSC111H1/CSC165H1, CSC236H1)/CSC240H1 (Mathematical Reasoning, Theory of Computation)Note 1
CSC263H1/CSC265H1 (Data Structures)
(CHM135H1, CHM136H1)/CHM151Y1 (Chemistry)
BIO130H1 (Biology)

Upper years:
Program requirements (7.5 Credits total)

STA237H1/STA247H1/STA255H1/STA257H1 (Statistics)
CSC207H1 (Software Design)
CSC209H1 (Software Tools)
CSC373H1/CSC375H1 (Algorithm Design)
BIO230H1/BIO255H1 (Biology)
BIO260H1/HMB265H1 (Genetics)
(BCH210H1, (BCH311H1/MGY311Y1/CSB349H1))/BCH242Y1 (Biochemistry/Molecular Biology)
BCH441H1/MGY441H1/CSB472H1 (Bioinformatics)
BCB330Y1 (Special Project)
BCB410H1 (Applied Bioinformatics)
BCB420H1 (Computational Systems Biology)
BCB430Y1 (Advanced Special Project)

Note 1: The “missing” half-credit of the substitution does not have to be replaced. For details, please refer to the Computer Science Program instructions in this Calendar.

Course substitutions are possible with written permission of the Program Director.
Note that the requirements for a co-sponsoring Department’s major can normally be fulfilled with 0.5 to 3.5 additional credits.

Former BCB students found they benefitted from taking CSB352H1, Bioinformatic Methods. They also found it to be helpful to take BCH441H1 prior to BCB410H1 due to BCB410H1’s R programming requirement.

All Major programs in the co-sponsoring life science departments require BIO120H1, however BIO120H1 is not formally a part of this Specialist Program’s requirements.

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